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Graduated from the University of Warsaw in the Law and Administration Faculty and the School of German Law that operates under its auspices.


She completed postgraduate studies at the Rhine Friedrich Wilhelm University in Bonn in the Faculty of Sciences of the State and Law and defended her LL.M thesis on lifting the corporate veil of shareholders of the limited liability company in Polish and German company law.


Legal counsel since 2003, having legal counsel exam passed with distinction.


Member of committees operating at the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Warsaw, member of the Regional Team of Inspectors at OIRP in Warsaw.


She specializes in corporate law, business entity services, contract law and labor law.


Speaks Polish and German.


E-Mail: winnicka-mackenthun@swks.com.pl

Legal advisor Agnieszka Winnicka-Mackenthun


SWKS Sztejnert, Winnicka,

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