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The Internet

Our clients are becoming increasingly active in the virtual world, which results in numerous non-virtual challenges.


Our legal counselling involves implementation of an online business idea, i.e. help in creating documentation necessary for providing consistent with the law online services By addressing the needs of our clients we help them to maintain and develop their services. If necessary, we represent them in proceedings before the President of the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection or the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection in matters relating to breach of collective consumer interests on the Internet.


We also help our clients in the prosecution for violations of their rights on the Internet. We have successfully conducted many such proceedings, including court proceedings.


We combine knowledge and experience from various fields of law, in particular consumer law, personal data protection, rules of providing electronic services, copyright or telecommunications law. One of our achievements is the implementation, in cooperation with a leading German law firm, pilot loyalty program of a new generation.


We share our practical knowledge in various publications; one of them is the position under the title of "Copyright Violation on the Internet".




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