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Who we are

SWKS is a team of four dynamic lawyers with extensive experience in advising Polish and foreign entrepreneurs.


We firmly represent our clients in court and guide them through the intricacies of Polish law. We are pleased with the success of our principals and help them solve their problems.


We can professionally conduct any legal proceedings, prepare a comprehensive loyalty program and merge foundations. These are just examples.


We offer our services in Polish, English and German.


We have established long-standing contacts with lawyers from all over Europe. We regularly discuss with them current problems of distribution law within Anwaltskooperation and also as experts of

The International Distribution Institute. The membership in International Bar Association
and DACH Europäische Anwaltsvereingung enables us to discuss the issues we are interested in with the lawyers from all over the world.


We like challenges.




SWKS Sztejnert, Winnicka,

Kowalczuk, Sosnowska Sp.j.


ul. Górnośląska 16 lok. 17

00 - 432 Warszawa


+48 22 48 63 099


+48 22 48 63 133

Email:         office@swks.com.pl


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