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Advocate Olga Sztejnert - Roszak

Graduated with honours from the University of Warsaw in the Law and Administration Faculty. Advocate since 2000. Completed a professional traineeship in Nörenberg, Schröder&Partner in Hamburg and Knarr & Knopp in Darmstadt. Graduated from the postgraduate studies in the field of competition law in the Law Sciences Institute of the Polish Science Academy (with „A” mark).


Olga Sztejnert-Roszak has been extensively involved in coordinating comprehensive legal services to companies operating in the Polish market and has gained significant court experience in representing clients in civil and commercial litigations. Arbitrator on the list of Collège Européen de Résolution des Conflits based in Lyon and the Court of Arbitration at the Confederation ‘Lewiatan’.


Serves as a national expert for the Poland at International Distribution Institute in the area of agency and distribution, and works as a lecturer of international conferences co-organized by the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris. Author of numerous publications in the field of civil law, including commercial law and civil procedure.


Olga Sztejnert-Roszak has been repeatedly recommended by Who's Who Legal in the area of the Franchise and Trade & Customs.


Speaks Polish, German and English.


E-Mail:  sztejnert-roszak@swks.com.pl


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